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Meat Classics

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Step up your dinner game with the easy-to-cook varieties in our Meat Classics share. The juicier, leaner qualities of grass-fed meat bring a robust flavor to your plate. What's not to love about animals running free in the woodlands of Pennsylvania?!

What you get every week:

  • Pasture raised
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Non-GMO feed
  • 2 packs of rotating varieties of frozen heritage breed beef, pork, chicken, and turkey
  • Sample delivery: 1lb pack chicken thighs, 1lb pack ground pork

The Problem

All natural, grain-fed, grass-finished, grass-fed — if you think you know your beef, think again. Buzzwords like “grass-fed” and “natural beef” make us think we’re getting the best quality meat, but there are many loopholes in these grocery store labels. Did you know that the only requirement for “natural beef” is that no artificial ingredients are used? That means antibiotics, hormones, and GMO feed are all fair game.

Our Food Fix

Your choice of beef helps fight climate change. No, really. Local Roots beef is pasture raised: cattle graze on open land, spreading manure as they roam, which increases fertility of the soil, causing more plant growth. As a result, plants have longer roots that give them the ability to store larger amounts of CO2 that they pull from the atmosphere. This carbon is kept safely in the soil carbon pool underground. Is all this science making anyone else hungry?

This Season

  • chicken whole leg
  • osso buco
  • chicken thigh
  • ground pork
  • hot italian sausage
  • ground beef
  • chicken drumsticks
  • ranch steak
  • ground turkey
  • pork cutlet
  • chicken breasts
  • chorizo
  • ground chicken

What Locals Are Saying...


Local Roots meat is handled with care and you can taste it. There are no preservatives, nitrates or funky chemicals. It's super fresh.

Jenn de la Vega
Chef & Cookbook Author

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