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Curious about your ingredients? Here are the most frequently asked food questions.

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Pick-up and Delivery

I just placed my order, when is my first pick-up/delivery?

Log into your account portal, scroll down to the section labelled "last order". That date indicates when you can expect your first harvest. 

It’s my first market pickup (woohoo!). What do I do?

1) Your food is packed and transported with minimal packaging, so remember to BYOB (bring your own bag).
2) Double-check your location and be on time. Market days and times vary for each location so check your details, and if you can’t make it — get old school and ask a friend!
3) When you arrive, say hi to your friendly market leader! They’re there to help if you have any questions.
4) Hand over your reusable bag and your Market Leader will fill it with all the flavorful harvests of the week.
5) Enjoy your local, seasonal harvest! Don’t forget to snap some pics and share your #madewithlocalroots creations.

Can I change my pick up location?

Oh yeah. We know things get crazy, especially for New Yorkers. Any time you want to switch to a different pick up location or opt for home delivery, just let us know by filling out this form by Thursday at 11:59pm prior to the week you want the change to take place.

Order Edits & Billing

How does my subscription work?

When you subscribe to your favorite ingredients, you're all set to receive weekly harvests and be billed on Fridays at 12am to pay for whatever you've added to your cart at that time. By subscribing to any ingredient, you opt in for weekly billing. You always have the option to skip weeks, cancel your order, or make edits and additions. Please note that any changes must be made by Thursdays at 11:59pm in order for them to apply to the upcoming week's order.

How do I skip a week?

You can edit your order for the following week up until the prior Thursday at 11:59pm. Head to your account and navigate to the "skip a week" button. Please note that you can only skip the upcoming week. Your first harvest cannot be skipped so reach out to info@localroots.nyc if you need to make a change to your first week.

I can't remember which week I skipped! How do I find out?

Who even knows what day it is anymore? Head to your accounts page and take a look at the harvest date listed at the very top. This indicates the next date you're set to receive delivery or pick up (yay!).

Can I get a refund if I skip a week?

When you skip a week in your account page, you will not be billed for that week's share. Just be sure to do this by Thursday 11:59pm the week before the week you plan to skip. Skips requested after this cut-off are not eligible for refund or store credit.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you'd like to cancel your order, you must do so by Thursday 11:59pm in order to cancel for the upcoming week. If you just want to miss a few weeks, you can always opt to skip any week or cancel your order while you're away. You can always reactivate your order to get back in the swing of local eating. Any cancellations will not be applied to orders that have already been processed. If you want to cancel your upcoming order after the Thursday 11:59pm cutoff, you can email us at info@localroots.nyc to request this change. Please note that refunds are not available for cancellations after the order deadline, as we have already placed orders with hard-working farmers who are harvesting your food!

What happens if I miss a market pick up?

We are not able to redistribute ingredients or issue refunds for missed pickups or deliveries. But the good news is that your food never goes to waste. If you miss your pick up without proper notice, your food gets donated to the volunteers who run your local market and the hardworking employees of the local business host. 

What is your refund policy?

We can only offer store credit at this time. If your harvest was missing an item or your produce did not get to you in the best condition, please reach out to info@localroots.nyc to receive a discount code to use towards your next delicious share of ingredients. This way, we're sure that you won't miss out on any seasonal flavors!

What if my box is missing or stolen?

Like other delivery services once the box has been delivered it is not our responsibility to insure the retrieval of the box. Unfortunately If your box is missing or stolen we cannot offer a refund unless you can provide footage or pictures of the items being taken. We understand that that there will be hiccups and our drivers sometimes put the boxes in the wrong place as well. If this happens let us know that there was a mistake and we will contact the delivery company we work with to try to resolve the issue and potentially work something out for you as well.

Growing Practices

Are all your vegetables certified organic?

Yes, all the veggies we offer are grown on Certified Organic farms. All of your ingredients are sourced from hyper local farms that practice the highest standards of sustainability, including the use of composting, integrated pest management, and cover-cropping. Farmers use sustainable practices that go beyond the guidelines of organic certification.

Are all your fruits certified organic?

No, not all of our fruits are certified organic — but for good reason. This local climate makes it extremely challenging for farmers to uphold organic certification while maintaining their livelihoods. Just because a small farmer doesn't have the capability to pay the fees and go through the paperwork of gaining organic certification doesn't mean that they are not using more thoughtful growing methods. Our partner fruit farmers use Integrated Pest Management, which is a sustainable practice in which they prioritize ecosystem-based strategies that prevent pests through techniques that support the health of the soil and the plants they grow. For example, ladybugs might be brought onto the farm to help eat any aphids that are nibbling at the fruit's leaves.

Are your ingredients local?

At Local Roots, we're all about that local life. That's why we source products from within 5 hours of NYC to keep your food hyper local and packed with flavor. This way, nutrients aren't lost in transit, there are less hands on your food, and you have full transparency in where your ingredients come from.

How is your company diverse?

When browsing our list of partners and purveyors, you'll start to get a sense of the range of local minority and women owned businesses that we partner with. The people who make up the Local Roots community are thoughtful, creative, and paving the way for flavorful future in food. For us, inclusivity of diverse voices (and ingredients) are naturally built into the way we do business, and we intend to keep it that way.

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