Your team will love you!

With a one-stop market, employees won't have to go to the store after a long day at work. Instead, they'll pick up their fresh weekly harvest and recipes at the office! And because our produce has the shortest commute from farm to you, it packs more nutrition — giving your team the energy to stay smart and creative. So win the benefits race! Attract health-conscious people who share your values! And keep the ones you got with feel-good food!

Your brand will shine!

What better way to bring your brand values to life than to host an office market? Working with Local Roots, you’ll be playing an active role in supporting local family farms and regenerative agriculture that actually enhances the land and surrounding ecosystems. People will look to you as advocates of animal dignity and as pillars of community. So let us help you walk your talk, and make Local Roots part of your brand story.

You rally the people — we take care of the rest!

Our team supports you every step of the way with professional, seamless service. Our Office Market Playkit makes it easy for you to spread the word throughout your organization and launch the program. Season to season, we handle everything from on-time weekly deliveries to market set-up, staffing and clean-up to tasty weekly recipes.

You’ll Be in Good Company

Rather have a taste first?

Local Roots Experiences are fun, pop-up events where we bring the farm to you!

Interested in Starting an Office Market?

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