Farm-Fresh Food, 
Without Getting Your Hands Dirty

Farm-Fresh Food, 
Without Getting Your Hands Dirty

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Farm-Fresh Food, Without Getting Your Hands Dirty

Farm-Fresh Food, Without Getting Your Hands Dirty

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We Have Higher Standards

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Beyond Organic

Our partners care for their land and surrounding ecosystems with regenerative practices like crop rotation, natural pest management, and water conservation. We visit them regularly, and know our standards are being met.

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Animal Welfare

All animals deserve to live with dignity and do their thing! That means room to roost and pastures to roam. Ours grow up natural and strong, so they don’t need hormones or antibiotics.

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Hyper Local

All our food is grown and raised within a 500 mile radius of NYC so you get only the best our region has to offer. Produce is picked to ensure maximum nutrient density and peak-flavor — even the time of day matters!

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Minimal Packaging

When you shop local, you don’t need packaging that protects for a long haul and lots of handling. Your food comes au natural so your kitchen (and our planet!) has less waste and plastic.

“Local Roots is about creating the community you want to live in. Building that sense of home by meeting your neighbors at our markets, trading recipes, and gathering around the table to nourish yourself and those you love.”

Know Your Roots

Local Roots NYC is a small but mighty mission-driven business connecting fellow New Yorkers and sustainable regional growers. We use a little technology and a lot of creativity to make it easier to eat farm-fresh, nutrient-dense, delicious food while supporting local family farmers and strengthening our communities.

Get Involved

We’re on a mission to shake things up! We’re always looking for awesome people to join our movement. There are so many ways to make an impact — from joining our growing team to volunteering and more!

Nourish Neighbors in Need

Donate two-weeks worth of organic veggies to qualifying health care heroes and restaurant workers affected by the ban.

Local Roots NYC has a new home! Come say hello.

Local Roots NYC Market & Cafe is the place for locals to connect with their neighbors, get to know their farmers, feast on peak-flavor food and explore sustainable living, together.

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