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Black Garlic Salt (Add-On)

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To make their black garlic salt, Syracuse Salt Co. uses their local Salt City Flake salt and infuses it with Korean-style fermented garlic grown in Utica, NY. The result is a very decadent umami flavor, with a slightly sweet finish. Perfect for garlic lovers as a way to add a punch of flavor to any dish.

  • salt sourced in Syracuse, NY
  • garlic grown in Utica, NY
  • made with local ingredients, using small-batch techniques
  • family owned company
  • 1.5 oz jar


The Problem

Many commercially produced salts are mass produced using artificial brines, meaning water from oceans and lakes is pumped into underground salt beds. This can be extremely harmful to soil and farmland as the salt sucks up water, causing plants to dry out. Not to mention, seawater nowadays contains many pollutants, including microplastics, which often find their way into the salt that is produced. Due to this, nearly 94% of salt worldwide contains traces of microplastics. Yes, that means humans are consuming hundreds of microplastics annually!


Our Food Fix

Syracuse Salt Co. spent 4 years pursuing, researching, and testing different salts to create the perfect flavors and textures for their products. They use a natural brine well more than 280 feet underground for their clean, crisp salt. The brine comes from the deep waters flowing below ground from the South of Syracuse, dissolving salt along the way like it has for thousands of years. In order to produce their salts, they evaporate the water slowly, leaving behind a pure, snow white flake full of minerals. It is sifted to a uniform size and individually hand packed for freshness. Because the salt comes from a well, there is no risk of micro plastics as with many commercially made sea salts.


Meet Your Farmer

Syracuse Salt Co., NY

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