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Jasmine Kombucha 2-pack (Add-On)

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Yesfolk is making kombucha like you've never tasted before – they craft these bubbly tonics using ceremonial-grade herbs and ferment them in natural materials. Their Jasmine Kombucha is brewed from spring-plucked green tea leaves from the tea region of Northern Vietnam, which are hand-scented with fresh, organically grown jasmine blossoms using traditional methods, fermented in American oak barrels. Tasting notes: Crisp, bright and floral with sweet jasmine aroma and citrus on the palate

  • Made in small-batches in upstate NY
  • 2 cans, 12oz each

The Problem

Let's face it: there are endless choices when it comes to kombucha these days. The grocery store is littered with brands hailing from all corners of the US. So how do you choose? Giant brands like Synergy Kombucha made their claim to fame in the late 1990s by dominating the market – their owner, GT Dave, is now a billionaire. These  kombuchas are so heavily commercialized that they've become so far removed from the natural, traditional, and historic practices that create delicious kombucha. Not to mention commercial kombuchas are pasteurized, which kills all probiotics making for a kombucha completely lacking in nutrition.


Our Food Fix

Yesfolk founders Yiyi Mendoza and Adam Elabd are trained herbalists who have experimented with fermentation together since 2012. The couple’s process is rooted in respect for ingredients and a deep knowledge of fermented foods, often derived from their own Mexican and Egyptian heritages. Their family-run microbrewery makes craft tonic beverages using the best and most local ingredients they can get their hands on. All of their ferments are brewed in natural materials like American oak barrels and glass. Now that's what we call craft kombucha. 

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