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Weekly Subscription:

Delivered and billed weekly. You can skip, cancel, or modify your order at any time.

How Do Subscriptions Work?

Complete any farm-to-table meal with loaves of freshly baked bread, brought to you by one of the top bakeries in NYC. We see fluffy challah, sesame seed crusts, hearty beer sourdoughs, and more mouth watering loaves in your future!

What you get every week:

    • Handmade in Brooklyn and the Bronx
    • No preservatives
    • 1 loaf or 1/2 loaf, alternating varieties

The Problem

Mass produced bread has been stripped of nutrients to help extend the shelf-life. It's made from wheat that's been sprayed with chemicals, putting farmworkers health at risk and damaging the environment. 

Our Food Fix

Local Roots bread comes from our friends at Orwashers and Native Bread, who have been perfecting the craft for years. Their small-batch breads are made with the freshest, local ingredients and their dough is hand shaped and baked to perfection right here in NYC.  Above all, they believe in taking the time to make the product correctly from start to finish. They know that their skill and technique will provide the shortcut.

This Season

  • campaigne
  • sesame loaf
  • whole wheat sourdough
  • artisan ale
  • demi-baguette
  • swiss health bread
  • multigrain pullman
  • sourdough

What Locals Are Saying...


I love it. It's like someone with good taste is choosing for me.

Local Roots member

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