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Genmaicha Green Tea (Add-On)

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Nothing says cozy like a cup of tea. Founded by naturopath Dr. Maria Geyman ND, using organic healing ingredients, Masha Teas are made to regenerate your body and mind. Their ingredients are sourced from traditional herbalists and ethical farmers and blended in New York. Genmiacha has a flavor profile of toasted rice with a grassy finish. So turn on your kettle, grab your favorite book and get comfy.

  • 3oz, loose leaf organic tea blend
  • Ingredients:  organic genmaicha (green tea with toasted organic brown rice) from Shizuoka, Japan
  • Made in small batches, handcrafted in Brooklyn.

The Problem

Conventional tea and herbs are treated with chemicals and fertilizers which harm both the soil, waterways and communities surrounding them. Plus, most tea is dried without being washed, which means you might end up drinking some of those chemicals as well! Many brands also add artificial ingredients and dyes to enhance and derive flavor. The tea industry is also known for mistreatment of workers and unfair wage practices. Plus, most tea is packaged in single use tea bags, not all of which are compostable. 

Our Food Fix

Masha Teas uses sustainable and organic ingredients which are assembled in small batches with love. In sourcing their tea and herbs, they consider terroir, ethical farming practices and tradition. Sustainability is considered in every part of this loose-leaf product, including the packaging which features a compostable bag and hand-stamped vegetable ink symbol. It’s tea the way it was meant to be made— for flavor, beauty and healing. 

Meet Your Maker

Dr. Maria Geyman - Masha Teas

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