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Purple Organic Asparagus (Add-On)

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Purple Asparagus is bursting with herbaceous nutty flavors! Order by May 24th to get this hard-to-grow spring vegetable before it's gone for the year. Asparagus is reminiscent of fennel and green bell pepper which offers a unique freshness that's simply unmatched. It's even sweeter than green asparagus due to its natural sugar content! Did you know it's also a great source of vitamin c and e? Unlike store bought varieties shipped from afar, our locally sourced asparagus brings farm-to-table goodness right to your plate. Say goodbye to stringy and dried out stalks; and opt in for fresh, crunchy, organic asparagus with a beautiful purple hue you won't find in stores! 

        • 1 lb of organic asparagus, mix of purple and green
        • Grown by Indian Neck Organics, NY
        • Deal: Buy 2 bunches for $25
        • Reserve now - pickup or delivery is tentatively set for first week of June. The exact distribution date depends on when these gems are ready to harvest. We will keep you updated!

    • The Problem

      The majority of store-bought asparagus are grown and shipped from the West Coast, thousands of miles away, where conventional farming methods and extensive transit take a toll on both their flavor and nutrients. The asparagus are grown in sad soil that relies on harmful chemical fertilizers. By the time they make it to your grocery store, you don't know for how long they've been stored, what farm they're coming from, and how many hands they've been passed through on their way to you. Does anyone else always find their grocery store asparagus to be stringy and dried out?


      Our Food Fix

      These locally-sourced, organically-grown asparagus are nourished in nutrient-rich soil that result in a flavor and juiciness that you'd never expect from this veggie. We are rejecting the status quo of bland, past-their-prime asparagus and are introducing the new star of your kitchen and the best sidekick when making any dish.

      Meet Your Farmer

      Indian Neck Organics, NY

      Give Your Harvest a Boost!

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