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Meat Alternative

Weekly Subscription:

Delivered and billed weekly. You can skip, cancel, or modify your order at any time.

How Do Subscriptions Work?

Get in some extra protein and nutrition with our meat alternative subscription. Rotating varieties of tofu, tempeh, seitan, beans, and plant-based proteins will become the star of your meals and compliment your veggies perfectly.

What you get every week:

  • 1-2 pack or 1 lb local vegetarian & vegan protein
  • Good for households of 1-2, or individuals who cook 3x/week

The Problem

Many plant-based proteins are highly processed, contain preservatives, and have a very high salt content. They're engineered for extended shelf life, resulting in unnecessary additives and a de-prioritization of the ingredient's flavor and texture. This also means it may not be as healthy as an alternative as you thought it was.

Our Food Fix

Our meat alternatives come from local makers who use all natural ingredients without any unhealthy preservatives. We source from purveyors who are highly regarded in the vegetarian & vegan communities and go out of their way to hand craft the best tasting plant-based proteins. A shorter shelf-life on these products indicates that they are fresh and ready to heat-and-eat! 

This Season

  • fresh tofu
  • red kidney beans
  • garlic rosemary seitan
  • plant-based chorizo
  • black beans
  • tempeh
  • falafel

Give Your Harvest a Boost!

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