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Organic Polenta (Add-On)

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A larger grind produces a polenta that bursts with fresh corn flavor. Stone ground Wild Hive Polenta is ideal for traditional Italian polenta, polenta cakes, and it can be served soft, firm, grilled or fried. This polenta is ground fresh each week, so you get the 100% of the germ and the full nutritional value and flavor from the whole grain.  

      • Locally grown
      • Certified Organic
      • Non-GMO
      • 2lb bag

The Problem

The biggest problem with corn is that it is a commodity crop. With very loose regulations on growing practices, genetics, and quality, even organic-labeled grocery store polenta and cornmeal can come from facilities & distributors woking with non-organic GMO corn growers. Also most polenta isn't freshly ground, so it looses nutritional value as it sits on store shelves.

Our Food Fix

Wild Hive knows their farmers. They buy their grains directly from small-scale farms in the Hudson Valley who grow and process all their organic grains themselves. Their polenta is stone ground every week, which means it is flavor packed and good for you.

Meet Your Farmer

Don Lewis, founder of Wild Hive Farm, NY

What Locals Are Saying...


I love having Local Roots as a one stop shop. Thank you so much for making life a bit easier!

Maria M.
Local Roots NYer

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