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Turmeric Reginetti Pasta (Add-On)

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    Sfoglini has teamed up with Diaspora Co., a single-origin spice company rooted in culture and equity, to bring you this special limited edition pasta. Made with their founding spice, Pragati Turmeric, and Sfoglini's organic golden semolina, the ruffled, ribbon shaped Turmeric Reginetti bursts with color and packs an earthy, gingery aroma.

    This beautiful pasta pairs well with many other ingredients. Go sweet by topping with roasted root vegetables, coconut flakes, and a sprinkling of nutmeg. Or amp up the warmth with cumin, black pepper, and paprika.

    • Organic
    • Made with no dyes, additives, or preservatives
    • Slow dried at low temps to maintain nutrition and flavor
    • 16oz box

    The Problem

    Dried pasta at the supermarket lacks texture and flavor, meaning it has a harder time clinging to the sauce. It's made with flour from conventional wheat, which is grown with pesticides and herbicides.

    Our Food Fix

    Sfoglini makes small batch, freshly extruded pastas made from the finest organic semolina flour produced in America. Their pasta has a textured, porous surface so your sauce will cling to it and the pasta is air dried to preserve the most nutrition and flavor. It's like an Italian grandma making pasta in your apartment. They use 100% organic American grains with farm fresh ingredients - no dyes or artificial flavoring.

    Meet Your Producer

    Scott and Steve - Sfoglini

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