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The Pizza Bundle (Add-On)

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You've never had an umami-packed pizza like this one before. Local tomato sauce and fluffy dough make a slice you can't resist. Buy a bundle for a friend and have a virtual pizza party — or turn dinnertime into a party when you cook for your crew at home. Who doesn't love a custom-made, freshly baked pizza? 

    • 1 organic frozen pizza dough from Hawthorne Valley, NY
    • 1 jar tomato sauce, made with imperfect, local tomatoes from City Saucery, BK
    • 1 mozzarella, local ingredients, Fair Trade, from Narragansett, RI
    • 1 pack of Hot Italian Sausage, no antibiotics or hormones, from Stryker Farm, PA or Oink & Gobble Farm, NY
    • If you are a Local Roots member, this item will be included in next week’s regular weekly harvest. Of course, the exact day will depend on your regular Local Roots market or delivery day. You will also receive a confirmation email specifying the date of pickup or delivery after purchase. 

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