Yellow Bell Farm

Meet the golden-yolk eggs of your dreams.


Katie Bogdanffy


Poultry, Eggs


pastured heirloom eggs


Hudson Valley, NY

Yellow Bell Farm is a family farm owned by third generation farmer, Katie Bogdanffy. They specialize in free-range chickens that are raised humanely and slaughtered on the farm to reduce travel stress and ensure proper handling. They use mobile coops which are moved routinely to allow chickens to rotationally graze on fresh pasture. Happy foraging hens produce premium quality eggs with rich, golden orange yolks.

Yellow Bell is passionate about sustainability, using feed that is milled locally from locally grown grains. This helps local farms and the economy to thrive while creating a low carbon footprint. Rotational grazing practices allow for better soil quality and healthier chickens. They reduce waste by using all parts of the chickens, including the feet and bones which go into their rich Chicken Bone Broth. Their chicken is not packed in wasteful styrofoam trays or excessive packaging. At Yellow Bell, they believe that the biggest reward is to raise an animal straight through to the end product, and this commitment to farming brings the highest quality local protein to their customers.


from $7.96 per weekly harvest

Meet the golden-yolk eggs of your dreams. These gems give any dish a protein punch, all while providing a nutrient dense and delicious bite. Hens that roam pasture and forage on bugs have diverse diets that make for a rich, bright, and earthy flavor profile.

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