The only NYC maker of organic fresh plant-based milk


Carolyn James and Susan Pineres


Oat Milk 


Organic, local ingredients



Nuthatch started when two lactose-intolerant, coffee-addicted sisters got sick of consuming the mass-produced, chemically-enhanced, overly processed, and ultra-pasteurized nut milk available on grocery shelves. They began to blend and hand-squeeze our own almond milk at home and knew they could never go back to the boxed stuff. 

Over time they perfected the craft, and almond milk led to other fresh nut milks,  and finally fresh oat milk, which they are now proud to make with NY state grown oats. Their oat milk is unpasteurized, has no additives and is the only fresh organic oat milk made in NYC. 

Nuthatch is also committed to a zero-waste production process, using leftover ingredients from the nut milks to create high quality, organic upcycled nut butters and flours. Using all parts of their ingredients and throwing 0% away is very important to them. 

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