Barry's Tempeh

Hand crafted tempeh made from the finest locally sourced beans and grains 


Barry Schwartz




Locally sourced ingredients


Brooklyn, NY

Barry’s Tempeh was born out of and perfected over the years he spent cooking at a yoga ashram. As such, Barry’s approach to tempeh is holistic, intentional, and respectful, making for a product both vegans and meat-lovers alike can get behind.

Barry’s Tempeh is made from a variety of organic beans and grains, sourced locally when available. Barry’s whole-bean preparation gives his tempeh higher levels of protein and dietary fiber, while the fermentation process helps to bring customers a living wealth of probiotics, enzymes, and all nine amino-acids necessary for a happy and healthy gut, all without compromising on flavor. The tempeh itself is prepared, fermented, packaged, and distributed right here in our home-base of Brooklyn, making Barry’s Tempeh an important part of our local food ecosystem.  

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