Native Bread

New York crafted bread and pastries 


Raveena Wilson and Alvin Blanco




High quality ingredients


Brooklyn, NY

Pastry chef/baker Ravenna Wilson spent 15 years perfecting her craft, producing bread and pastries in her own commissary. Alvin Blanco studied entrepreneurship at NYU Stern School of Business. When the two met, they decided to go all in. 

They took over Shellco in 2008, turning it into the Native Bread and Pastry. Their mission was to transform the company for the modern age. They increased their scope of products and widened their reach to the entire tri-state area. Native Bread believes in organic, unbleached and unbromated flour because it tastes and behaves better. They use only the finest ingredients like European-style 84% butter and chocolate couverture. They always toast their nuts and grind their spices just before using for ultimate freshness and flavor. Above all, they believe in taking the time to craft the product correctly from start to finish and pride themselves on their technique and skill.


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