Wild Hive Farm

Promoting grain-based agriculture through locally grown and milled flour in Hudson Valley


Don Lewis


Ancient, whole grains and beans


Organic, holistic


Clinton Corners, NY

Wild Hive Farm was founded to promote sustainable agriculture in the Hudson Valley by promoting grain-based local agriculture. Regional mills play an important role in the food supply chain, producing healthy, usually stone-ground flours that maintain fat and flavor that is removed in conventional processing. These local mills help to ensure regional food security with high-quality grains and flour. Wild Hive is committed to the production of locally grown and milled flour and serves as an important link in the regional supply chain. Wild Hive’s traditional flour mill preserves the history of the Hudson Valley, using the time-honored technique of stone-grinding. It is known for its superior flour that is beloved by top chefs and “locavores” who value better tasting ingredients that help strengthen the local food economy.

Don Lewis first began raising bees for local honey 30 years ago (hence the name, Wild Hive Farm). In the late 1990s, he was given a bag of local flour from a farmer and the rest is history. At the time, Don was selling baked goods featuring his local honey at New York City’s Greenmarkets, and soon he began to use more and more local flour. In 2012, he closed the Hudson Valley Wild Hive Bakery and Cafe to focus on his true passion - redeveloping the regional grain system. He then set out to revive grains and promote sustainable agriculture which has helped to reshape the future of local grain-based agriculture in America. Don is dedicated to working with local farmers to grow heirloom grains including heirloom varieties such as emmer, red fife, and einkorn – thereby encouraging diversity and innovation. Unlike wheat, rice and corn, heirlooms grains have been passed down for generations, and have not been processed or genetically modified. Heirloom grains are a piece of regional agricultural history. Don’s high-quality whole grain, flour and legume products have earned him a loyal following from New York City’s leading chefs, bakers, restaurants and retail stores, who seek out his products for their freshness and the distinctive flavor of his stone-milled flour and grains.

Polenta (Add-On)

from $14.95 per weekly harvest

A larger grind produces a polenta that bursts with fresh corn flavor. Stone ground Wild Hive Polenta is ideal for traditional Italian polenta, polenta cakes, and it can be served soft, firm, grilled or fried. This polenta is ground fresh each week, so you get the 100% of the germ and the full nutritional value and flavor from the whole grain.

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