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Brooklyn, NY

Andrew Carter and Adam DeMartino are redefining urban agriculture with their innovative mushroom farming systems. They built their first farm out of a reclaimed shipping container in 2017, which served as the launchpad for building New York City’s first and only organic mushroom farm. Andrew and Adam are passionate about hyper-local sustainable food systems and have created an entirely new definition of “farm to table.” In addition to their central farm, they build and distribute “Minifarms” that are now popping up in grocery stores and restaurants across the city. Each unit produces 30 to 100 pounds per week, 40 times the output per square foot of a traditional farm, using 96% less water. These growing chambers can be found in Whole Foods, The Standard Hotel, and select restaurants, with plans for future distribution nationally.

Smallhold is a pioneer in indoor farming, providing access to the freshest, most local food imaginable. Adam and Andrew are quickly becoming leaders in the Agri-tech industry and want to bring delicious, hyper-local mushrooms to all!

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Get the umami boost your meals have been missing with our hand harvested mushrooms, cultivated in eco-friendly barns or foraged in the wild.

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