Sfoglini Pasta

Organic North American grains meet traditional Italian techniques to make delicious, American made pasta.


Scott Ketchum and Steve Gonzalez






Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

In 2012, Scott Ketchum and Steve Gonzalez founded Sfoglini Pasta to do one thing: restore classic Italian pasta in NYC. They ended up doing a lot of things on top of that, including creating some of the most interesting and diverse arrays of artisanal pastas available.

Made small-batch in Brooklyn, Sfoglini pastas are made from the finest American organic semolina flours using traditional tools and machines to give their pasta a textured, porous surface for sauces to cling to. Unlike mass market pasta makers, Sfoglini pastas are air dried at low temperatures to preserve the most nutrition and flavor. But they don’t stop there, Sfoglini creates specialty pastas, in both familiar and funky shapes, using local ingredients and spices inspired by green markets, local farms, city gardens, breweries, wineries and distilleries, to name a few. Some recent partnerships include a Bronx Brewery spent grain pasta, a Brooklyn Grange basil pasta and a Red Hook Winery Sauvignon Blanc pasta.

Trumpets Add-On

from $7.25 per weekly harvest

Trumpets are exceptionally fanciful with its frills and delicious when accompanied by a thick cheese sauce, baked in a casserole or tossed with vegetables, beans and lentils in a pasta salad. This is one of their top sellers.

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