Ronnybrook Farm

”The Dom Perignon of Dairy”


Rick and Ron Osofsky


Creamline Grass-Fed Butter




Ancramdale, NY

Brothers Rick and Ron Osofsky are third generation farmers who have spent their lives tending dairy cows on Ronnybrook Farm. The 80 year old farm is well known for its high quality super-premium dairy products and their prized Holstein cows. Rick and Ron believe that dairy is best the old fashioned way and that also means humanely raising every one of their cows. This belief has led to being called “the best” in much of what they do, from milk to butter. Rick, Ron and the rest of the Osafsky family see themselves as stewards of the land which ensures that best quality products, happy cows, and preserved farmland.

Ronnybrook Farm grows its own supplemental feed that is used when the cows can’t graze during the colder months. This pesticide free feed does not use any genetically modified seeds and is made to their specifications to maintain a healthy herd. Whenever possible, Rick and Ron reduce waste, using manure as fertilizer, and rotate crops to promote soil health. They take great pride in being “Hudson Valley’s local dairy since...forever!”

Butter (Add-On)

from $6.95 per weekly harvest

Cows graze on fresh pasture to produce the 100% grass-fed milk that makes this small batch butter decadently smooth and unbelievably creamy.

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