Riverland Farm

A women-run farm growing organic produce for the community.


Emily Landeck and Meghan Arquin




Certified organic


Sunderland, MA

Riverland Farm grows certified organic vegetables on 40 acres of land in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. The land has been used for farming for hundreds of years, and Riverland Farm takes great pride and care to know and understand the land’s history. A portion of the land was once inhabited by the Pocumtuck tribe, and the land was cultivated in a sustainable and low impact way for 800 years, growing a combination of maize, beans and squash.

In 2020, Emily, who worked at the farm for many seasons, purchased the land from Rob and Meghan, who managed the farm since 2007. Emily and Meghan work together on daily operations, and although neither of them have formal farming experience or backgrounds, they grew their knowledge and skills through work and volunteer experiences. They both have a passion for cooking as well as growing and sharing their fresh produce. Their growing practices, inputs and systems reflect their high standards for healthy land, good food and worker safety.

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