Kitchen Garden Farm

Converting conventional farmland to organic production


Tim Wilcox and Caroline Pam






Sunderland, MA

Kitchen Garden Farm started in 2006 on 1 acre of rented land. Over the past 10+ years, farmers Caroline and Tim have expanded their farm to consist of 50 acres in Western Massachusetts. All of the land they’ve acquired was previously farmed by conventional growers, and Kitchen Garden has made an effort to convert this land into organic production. Caroline and Tim are committed to soil health, biodiversity, crop rotation and cover cropping.

Kitchen Garden Farm is USDA certified organic and their commitment to these practices is rooted in the health and safety of their land and the production of nutritious, delicious food. Tim and Caroline are both deeply passionate about sustainable agriculture and farming, but also obsessed with food and cooking. Caroline studied at the French Culinary Institute and Tim has put his culinary skills to work on the farm experimenting with homemade sauces and dishes straight from the ground.

The farm serves the community with fresh produce at local restaurants and markets. Above all, they value freshness and taste, while creating as little impact on the environment as possible. They focus on specialty sweet & hot peppers and Italian vegetables like fennel, broccoli rabe and radicchio. Kitchen Garden Farm also makes a certified organic, naturally fermented sriracha and fire-roasted salsa using their chilies and tomatoes.

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