Jasper Hill Farm

Raw milk cheese from a dairy farm and underground cheese cave in Vermont


Andy and Mateo Kehler


Natural rind raw cheese




Greensboro, VT

Brothers Andy and Mateo Kehler have a long history in Vermont. Their family has spent the past 100 years vacationing on Caspian Lake and in 1998, they came together, with their wives Victoria and Angie, to buy a farm near the Canadian border in Greensboro. When they started their farm, small scale farms were on the decline in the region, so they knew they had to do something different.

Andy and Mateo set out to bring new life to the Greensboro economy by doing work they love. They care deeply about their cows that are pasture grazing in warmer months and fed dry hay and non-gmo grain in the winter to maintain digestive health. They believe that providing their cows with healthy diets and clean living conditions makes for the best milk and the happiest cows.

Jasper Hill is focused on valued-added agriculture, turning their raw milk into natural rind cheese, which takes up to 70% more labor for a batch of cheese over its lifetime. To make a standout business, they invested in building a creamery and a cave to use as an aging facility which would create top quality, local cheeses like those imported from Europe. They slowly grew as they learned their craft and today have a 22,000 square foot, 7-vaulted underground cave where they age their award-winning cheese.


from $11.49 per weekly harvest

Milk from the happiest cows is used to make these award winning cheeses, crafted by local cheesemakers to highlight buttery, sharp, and fruity flavor combos.

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