Ironbound Farm

Working with nature, not against it.


Charles Rosen




Regenerative farming


Asbury, NJ

Ironbound Farm is dedicated to growing healthy food produced using resilient ecological stewardship. They are a 108 acre transitional organic farm in the New Jersey Highlands, and never use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. The crew uses regenerative farming practices to manage vegetable crops and an extensive orchard of heritage cider apples, which includes the East Coast’s largest planting of Newark’s own Harrison apple — early America’s most renowned cider apple.

Although growing crops without chemicals is a huge challenge in this part of the country, regenerative farming enables Ironbound to grow highly flavorful fruit and vegetables, while protecting Highlands’ residents, waterways, soil, air, and wildlife from toxic agricultural chemicals.

The Ironbound team believes that their work is proof that farmers can work together in commercial-scale holistic orcharding in the Northeast. They are committed to providing a living wage economy, paying their employees fairly and employing many chronically underemployed groups including people who were formerly incarcerated, immigrants, veterans, and people with special needs. Founder Charles Rosen began Ironbound in order to bring back the great history of hard cider in Newark while also using his business to fight for social justice. He chose to provide opportunities for those struggling economically and feels that his success is directly connected to the success of his employees. Ironbound values collaboration over competition and seeks to inspire a new culture of eating and living in central New Jersey and beyond.

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