Deep Roots Farm

A family farm that prioritizes the community.


Stormie and Scott O’Rourke


Fruits & Vegetables


Certified organic


Copake, NY

Deep Roots Farm is family owned and operated on the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. They practice 100% organic farming methods and prioritize sustainability across all aspects of their farm. Deep Roots Farm emphasizes soil health through cover cropping and organic pest management methods. They also reduce their food waste by preserving items, such as homemade pickles, fermented foods like kim-chi and hot sauce, as well as pestos and other sauces.

Stormie and Scott started Deep Roots Farm in 2015. After quickly outgrowing their original location in North Salem, NY, they settled in their current spot in 2017. They now cultivate 40 acres of land, increasing production, as well as their fruit and vegetable varieties. Both farmers are passionate about quality, taste and nutrition. They grow greens, fruits, vegetables as well as microgreens like pea shoots. Now in their 7th year of operation, they’re continually working to find ways to make fresh, local, organic food accessible and available to their community.

Deep Roots Farm works with nonprofits like D.I.G Farm to spread their knowledge with those living around them. They participate in education programs and initiatives to help folks understand how to live healthier and more sustainable lives, starting with eating locally grown foods and understanding where their food comes from.

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