Acabonac Farms

Quality beef from wide open pastures by the sea


Stephen Skrenta




Pasture-raised, hormone-free beef


Yaphank, Long Island, NY

Acabonac Farms raises free-range cattle on the East End of Long Island. While Long Island might not come to mind when you think cattle farming, cows have been grazing the land for over 350 years. This area has found success due to its long growing season, fertile soils, coastal terrain and sea air. In the summer, the herd grazes on 150 acres of pasture, and in the winter, they are fed high-quality hay. This is a marked difference from supermarket beef which comes from cattle that is often fed GMO corn to gain weight quickly. Stephen keeps his cattle on Long Island year round, whereas in previous years they would spend winters Upstate. Now, thanks to the help of a moveable water system, he can keep his cattle at home and provide water for them, even in the coldest winter days. Acabonac is committed to celebrating the sustainable farming practices used for centuries on Long Island.

Acabonac raises pasture-finished beef, meaning that their cattle graze freely, eating antibiotic and pesticide-free grass for their entire lives. Their shiny coats and clear eyes show the results of their healthy diet and meticulous care. Stephen searches for cattle with impeccable bloodlines, and provides the animals with a low-stress environment to ensure that the finished product is delicious. Pasture-finished beef is also good for the environment, using rotational grazing to build soil health and sequester CO2 to help fight climate change. Acabonac Farms cares about raising happy animals and producing the highest quality local beef.

Premium Meat

from $42.99 per weekly harvest

These limited cuts of heritage breed and pasture-raised meats will add complex and robust flavors to give home cooked dishes a new culinary flare.

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