Tomatillo, Turkey and Millet Stuffed Peppers

August 12, 2019

Recipe by Local Roots recipe contributor, Chef Casey Corn @casey_corn

Tomatillos are one of those veggies that seems to be in only one thing: salsa verde. But tomatillos are similar to tomatoes in that they care a huge amount of water, use that to your advantage! Char them, roast them, then blend the ever-loving batman out of them, and cook your grains in the puree! I decided to step away from the usual Latin flavors associated with tomatillos for this recipe, and instead, dove into my favorite Japanese ingredients, and my husband can attest to the fact that this was a huge success. Pro-tip: any extra filling you have is great thrown into an omelette!

serves 2 - 4



4 ea bell peppers

½ lb tomatillos

1 lb ground turkey

½ c millet

1 tsp toasted sesame oil

¼ c + 1 Tbs avocado oil

½ ea red onion

1 tsp yuzu

1 Tbs rice wine vinegar

1 Tbs mirin

¾ c water

kosher salt



1. Preheat oven to 375F. Line a baking sheet with foil or parchment paper. Remove husks from tomatillos, and rinse in warm water.

2. Place tomatillos on the baking sheet, and drizzle with sesame oil. Rub the sesame oil in to the tomatillos, then season with about a half teaspoon of salt and put in the oven. Cook for about 10-15 minutes, until the tomatillos are nice and soft. Remove from the oven to cool.

3. Finely dice red onion. Remove the top and core of the peppers. Using a sharp paring knife, cut around the edge of the pepper, angling your knife about 45 degrees away from the stem. Once you make a full circle, turn the pepper over and pat the bottom to dislodge the core. It should fall out with all the seeds still intact. Remove any other seeds that remain inside the pepper.

4. In a large skillet with high sides, heat the tablespoon of avocado oil over medium-high heat. Add the turkey and brown, breaking up as needed into smaller pieces. When turkey is browned, season with about a teaspoon of salt, then add the red onions. Lower the temperature a little bit, just to medium heat.

5. Transfer the tomatillos and any liquid that has collected in the baking sheet into a pot. Add the water, mirin, rice wine vinegar, and yuzu, and use a hand blender to puree. If you don’t have a hand blender, this can be done in a regular blender.

6. When the onions are translucent, add the millet and stir to combine. Let the millet fry with the turkey and onions for about a minute or two, then add the tomatillo puree and stir well. Bring to a simmer then lower heat, cover, and cook for 20 minutes, or until the millet is done.

7. While millet is cooking, brush the remaining ¼ cup of avocado oil on the inside and outside of the peppers. Reline your baking sheet, and place the empty peppers on it.

8. When millet is done cooking, spoon your filling into the peppers. Cover the whole baking sheet with foil, then bake in oven for about 5 - 7 minutes, until peppers have softened a little.

9. Serve!

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