Chinese Kohlrabi Beet Slaw

March 01, 2018

Recipe by Claire Matern


Handful of Brussels sprouts
2 beets (red, golden, or candy cane)
1 kohlrabi
rice vinegar
chinkiang vinegar (optional, can be found at Asian supermarkets)
soy sauce
sesame oil
salt & pepper
ground ginger


Thinly slice the Brussels into ribbons and add to a medium sized bowl. Cut the kohlrabi and beets into matchsticks and add to the shredded Brussels. In a small bowl, add a splash of the vinegar(s) and then using your sense of taste add a small amount of the sesame oil and mix. Add small pinches and splashes of the ingredients until you get a dressing you like the taste of, pour it onto the mixed veg and toss well to coat. Serve immediately or store in the fridge for a few days. Great to take for lunch as a salad, or have on tacos or rice bowls.

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