Summer Time Old Bay Choy-Joy

June 14, 2019

Recipe By Yadira Garcia @HappyHealthyLatina 

Grilling season is about to begin. Wether you use a searing hot cast-iron or a grill both will produce a beautiful char. We bring flavors of the summer grill, and a smokey simple asian marinade to help this already delicious green sing! 


2 Heads Bok- Choy, washed and cut lengthwise. 

2 Tbsp Avocado Oil 

1/4 Cup Organic Shoyu

2 Tbsp Liquid Smoke 

2 Tbsp Old-Bay Spice 



1. Heat up a cast-iron pan with add avocado oil, over medium-high flame. (let the pan heat up about 30-60 seconds) 

2. Place your Bok-Choy face down, you might be tempted but do not touch it once you place it face down. You want to hear that sizzle and let it go for 4-5 minutes.

(tip if you've stored your Bok-Choy in fridge for a couple of days, you can use a little sea salt and pat it down before hitting the pan, to pull out any moisture that may have been absorbed)

3. Once you see the leaves wilt and start to char a bit, its an indicator youre done! Use tongs to pick it up and place back side down, with the char facing you on plate. 

4. Add Old Bay, then drizzle shoyu + liquid smoke mixture. 

5. Serve up as a side with corn and a great veggie burger, over a big salad bowl or as is. All are delicious! 








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