Spicy Chipotle Mayo Tuna with Green Apples

December 29, 2021

Using one of Primal Kitchen's signature condiments to make a deliciously piquant marinade, this recipe is built upon the age-old balance of sweet and savory emanating from the green apple and the chipotle lime mayo. This equilibrium provides the perfect foundation for putting together a tasty main course that tastes a lot more involved than it really is. But we won't tell if you don't! Just be sure to start off with a quality piece of fish, and the rest of your success in the kitchen will follow close behind! Serve this dish over a crusty slice of Local Roots' sourdough bread and reap the flavor benefits of its slight tang, or go solo on the protein and serve as is. Either way, it'll be a sure winner. 



2 Tbsp. Primal Kitchen chipotle lime mayo

2 Tbsp. water 

1 fillet of tuna from your local fish monger 

1 Local Roots green apple (or any variety that is tart and crisp)

Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Local Roots sourdough bread (optional)



1. Rinse tuna and pat dry. Mix together water and mayo. Marinade fish in this mixture for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

2. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Place tuna on baking tray; bake tuna for five min per ½ inch of thickness for a medium cook. You can opt to cook for a few min longer if you prefer well-done, but be wary of over-cooking, or it will dry out.

3. Thinly slice apple.

4. Place tuna on a slice of hearty sourdough bread (or skip the bread if that's your thing). Slather on some more mayo onto tuna and add one or two slices of apple.


This recipe was created by Local Roots recipe contributor Annie Martin at Primal Kitchen.

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