Ginger Ramp Oil

April 27, 2022

Ramps are so special this time of year, and what better way to showcase the beautiful oniony flavor of ramps than in this lovely bright condiment! This recipe is based on Cantonese ginger scallion oil that typically accompanies poached chicken. In this recipe, the ramps and ginger are not cooked, so it keeps the freshness and brightness of the ramps and ginger. Pair it with chicken, tofu, noodles, or Five Spice Pork!

Makes about ½ a cup


4 Tbsp. of minced Local Roots ramps

2 Tbsp. of minced ginger

⅓ cup of neutral oil (peanut or canola would work great)

Salt to taste


1. Clean and dry your ramps.

2. Split the ramps down lengthwise. Chop the other direction and mince your ramps as fine as possible.

3. Thinly slice your ginger. (Peeling your ginger is optional) Layer the slices on top of each other and slice into thin matchsticks. Turn the matchsticks so that they’re perpendicular to your knife and mince finely.

4. Combine the minced ramps and ginger with a neutral oil. Salt to taste. Enjoy!


This recipe was created by Local Roots Recipe contributor Katie Yun /

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