Chilled Beet & Cucumber Soup

August 07, 2018

Recipe by Local Roots recipe contributor, Claire Matern


Greek yogurt
Apple cider vinegar

1. Peel the beets, cube, and cook in a pot of salted boiling water until they are fork tender, or softer.

2. While the beets are cooking, peel, seed, and roughly chop the cucumber.

3. When the beets are fork tender add them along with the cucumber to you blender with about 2 cups of the cooking liquid. Blend until smooth.

4. Add 2 heaping spoonfuls of Greek yogurt and a small splash of apple cider vinegar and blend again. Taste and add more yogurt and vinegar if you think it needs more zing. Add salt to taste (add pepper right before serving.)

5. Once you’re happy with the taste of the soup add to a jar or container and place in the fridge until cold. Serve with pepper and a dollop of yogurt or buttermilk.

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