Cheesy Potato Soup

November 29, 2018


Carrots (optional but they add a great sweetness)
Stock (chicken or veggie)

The How-Tos

1) Bring a pot of salted water to a boil and cook the whole head of broccoli (floret side down in the water) until tender. While that's cooking:
2) Clean and roughly chop the leek, potatoes, and carrots if using and add them to a big deep pot with some butter and olive oil. Allow them to cook and begin to soften. 
3) Remove the broccoli from the water, trim off the florets and set aside, and chop the stalk. Add the stalk to the pot with the potatoes, leek  and carrot and then add the broccoli water. If you need more liquid (the veggies should be just submerged) add stock (chicken or veggie) or more hot water. Allow everything to cook until the veggies are fork tender. 
4) Blend until smooth, then stir in the broccoli florets that were set aside, and stir in grated cheese (any kind you have around or like)

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