January 22, 2019

Recipe by Chef Evan Hanczor, Egg Restaurant
Photos by @KSushas


2c dashi (made from konbu or dashi powder)
3 Local Roots eggs or pasture raised hens with nutrient-rich diets
1/2t salt 
4 shiitake mushrooms, stems removed and caps sliced or halved
1-2 radishes, thinly sliced
1-2 scallions, thinly sliced
soy sauce or coarse sea salt for serving (optional)

1. Stir eggs together gently but thoroughly, then stir in dashi, trying to limit the amount of air incorporated into the base (chopsticks are a better tool for this than a whisk). Stir in the salt.

2. Set a pot on the stove with a steamer insert and heat. Divide the chawanmushi base between three or four heatproof vessels (a glass jar or ceramic bowl works) and add the shiitake mushrooms. Cover each vessel individually with plastic wrap and set in the steamer. Cover with a lid and steam on medium heat for 11-13 minutes. To check doneness, look for a consistently cooked texture with a delicate wobble, and look for the liquid that runs from the custard when poked to run clear. Remove carefully from the steamer and allow to cool a bit if serving warm or refrigerate overnight to chill.

3. Remove the plastic wrap and top with a splash of soy sauce, the sliced radishes, and sliced scallions. Feel free to experiment with the toppings! Furikake, crispy shallots, parmesan cheese or crisps, seasoned breadcrumbs, slices of spanish chorizo…the inspirations can be global and delicious! 

4. Additional ingredients can be added to the base before cooking as well - chicken (best to cook first), shrimp, cashews or ginkgo nuts, or sautéed greens are all delicious.

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