You're Not Buying Organic Corn

November 10, 2022

Grocery stores are trying to trick you. That corn that's labeled "organic"? Lies.

Watch Wen-Jay explain here.

Most corn at the supermarket is actually grown overseas. This way, it can be relabeled as “organic” because regulations on growing practices are so loose at the border.

Because corn grows really close together and is prone to pests like earworms, it takes lots of labor to grow it organically without the use of pesticides. These labor costs are usually higher than it's worth a profit so farmers looking to save money will use pesticides

Not to mention, American consumers only buy perfect looking corn so imperfect corn gets thrown away. This also causes major profit loss for farmers, which is why many look to artificial methods for growing picture perfect corn.


So, would you rather spend more money on organic corn or buy the stuff at the supermarket? 

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