The Truth About Oatly

November 29, 2022

When it comes to oat milk, the most well known brand is Oatly. But, few know the truth about Oatly. Watch Wen-Jay explain here: part 1 + part 2. Here's why we think Oatly is trash.

One glass of Oatly has the same blood sugar impact on your body as a glass of coke. The process that Oatly uses to transform oats into oat milk also transforms complex starches into maltose, a simple sugar. 

Oatly also uses canola oil as an emulsifier to keep the oats and water together and to give it that creamy, rich texture like cow’s milk. The problem with this, is that one serving of Oatly has the same amount of canola oil as one serving of medium to large french fries – yuck. On the package, the canola oil is labeled as rapeseed oil.

There’s not enough evidence out there to determine if canola oil is good or bad for you but you would never think canola oil belongs in oat milk. Oatly’s low fat version has no canola oil in it so opt for that if you have to get Oatly.

Lastly, Oatly recently sold 10% of their company to an investment group led by Blackstone, which is linked to the deforestation of the Amazon. Despite their sustainable marketing tactics and the fact that they’re a vegan option, they’re actually trash for the environment.


Local Roots oat milk is made in Long Island City by Nuthatch. It uses two simple ingredients: NY state organic oats and water. It's a handmade process that’s not turning oats into a terrible ingredient for your body. Plus, it's actually truly sustainable, not just a marketing hype.

Try handmade oat milk and your body will thank you.


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