What are Tea Eggs?

November 17, 2022


Tea Eggs are one of the most common street foods in China and one of the hardest to find in America. Watch Wen-Jay discuss the significance of tea eggs here.

When creating the menu for the Local Roots Market + Café, Wen-Jay wanted to include tea eggs because they’re really hard to find in America. She’s seen them in China and Taiwan, and even in some small mom and pop shops in Chinatown but other than that, they’re really really rare. It's a more homestyle type of cooking that's not always seen in Chinese cuisine in America.

At Local Roots, we make them with New York state pasture-raised eggs from Yellow Bell Farm. We steep the eggs in a homemade broth of tea, soy sauce, star anise and cloves. When you cook them, there's an amazing smell and flavor that's savory, sweet and aromatic.

After cooked, when you peel them you see the beautiful marbling effect from that tea broth that it's steeped in. 

Come try them for yourself at the Local Roots Market + Café!

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