The Truth About the Food Industry

November 09, 2022


Did you know just 10 companies own almost all the food & beverage companies in the entire world?! Watch more here.


This means 10 companies are controlling your food decision making. Why is this a problem?

1. They control perception of what foods you should buy by narrowing the marketplace. 5 of these 10 companies have over 50 billion in assets meaning they have unlimited money for marketing. Small businesses simply cannot compete with this type of budget and access.

2. They control the ingredients you find in the most common items at the store. These companies are more interested in appeasing shareholders than customers, so they'll usually opt for cheaper ingredients (no matter the health or environmental cost) and will change recipes without telling consumers.

3. Most importantly, they control the world's farming. These companies use conventional agriculture for their ingredients and products, because it's all around cheaper for them. They generally don't care about the environmental consequences of this so they won't move away from conventional farming on their own.


Can we sway them the other way? We as consumers have the power to influence these large companies by taking control of our purchasing habits. Each time you shop small and support regenerative agriculture, you're taking a stand against these 10 companies that are trying to control you. Don't let them dictate what you eat, take agency by buying your food from small businesses.

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