The Rare Pawpaw

September 20, 2019

Have you heard of the Pawpaw, a pawfect rare treat? Native Americans used to harvest them and George Washington even liked to eat chilled pawpaw for dessert but are difficult to find in stores since they bruise easily and do not travel well. Pawpaws are the second largest fruit native to America and grow on relatively small trees but their natural habitat is starting to be destroyed by development. Difficult to cultivate, they are more commonly foraged. Pawpaws are very sensitive to full sunlight requires filtered sun for the first year or two, making our mushroom farmer's forest-like backyard perfect for pawpaw foraging. 

Enjoy the floral, tropical flavor and creamy texture of this wild treat if you've subscribed to the Local Roots fruit share. You may think to yourself, "it's like a mix of mango x pineapple x banana" followed with "omg this is incredible". You're welcome!

Check out NPR's Tiny Kitchen discovery of the pawpaw and be sure to subscribe to our fruit so you don't miss out on local delicacies like kiwi berries and pawpaws!


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