Storing Your Leafy Herbs

November 17, 2022


When you store produce correctly, it stays fresher longer and extends the shelf life. Here's a tutorial from founder Wen-Jay on how to store leafy herbs like cilantro and parsley.

You just need 3 things: a cup, your herbs and a plastic bag.

Fill the cup with water til the stems are covered. You can keep this on your kitchen counter for a beautiful, edible centerpiece. For even longer shellfire, we recommend keeping it in the refrigerator with the plastic bag over the herbs to keep them protected.

Treat your herbs like flowers – every couple of days change out the water and they can last like this for up to two weeks

This works great for leafy herbs like cilantro parsley but not for rosemary and thyme. See our other articles for how to store these types of herbs!

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