Scallion Pancake Cheese Melt

November 29, 2022

Have you ever had a grilled cheese sandwich made with scallion pancakes? Here’s how we make it at Local Roots.

When creating the menu, Wen-Jay wanted to have a really classic American dish at the café but she decided to put her own spin on it. 

We use house-made scallion pancakes made with NY state organic flour and a special house-made spice blend. Once that's cooked, we add cheese from upstate NY and fold in half. We also add our green goddess dressing and pickled red onions for some tang.

This dish is super special because nobody else is making it and it's made with local ingredients grown with love. 


If you’re in NYC stop by our café and try our scallion pancake cheese melts!

Rather have a taste first?

Local Roots Experiences are fun, pop-up events where we bring the farm to you!

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