New Cheeses on the Block

January 05, 2022

This month, Local Roots is set to debut two out-of-this-world additions to our popular cheese subscription: Ewe’s creamy blue cheese (1/3/22) and a complex Calderwood (1/10/22). 

Ewe’s Blue

The highly sought-after ewe’s blue is a 100% sheep’s milk cheese that boasts a buttery yet slightly crumbly texture and a mellow flavor profile. Its slight hint of spice adds an air intrigue to this otherwise familiar cheese variety, making its taste complex without losing its signature melt-in-your-mouth quality. This cheese pairs wonderfully with a bar of dark chocolate.



Much different than its counterpart, the Calderwood variety is a cow’s milk cheese found exclusively at Jasper Hill Farm. Born from their desire to learn more about how a cow’s diet impacts the flavor and makeup of finishehredded cheesesd cheese, Calderwood is now known as a deliciously nutty, firm favorite. Using high quality milk from happy cows, the experts at Jasper Hill brine their cheese for six months before aging the wheels for another four in a mixture of local hay fibers. This uncommon gem pairs deliciously with riesling or pale ale. 


Why we don’t mess with regular ‘ol cheese

Grass-fed cheese is not only healthier and better for the environment–it’s tastier too! This is why we ditch the old school generic supermarket cheese for the real stuff. S are often doused in foreign ingredients to prevent clumping, and most processed cheese products, as you may already know, frequently include around 50% real cheese. It’s still real cheese by definition, but with all these added components, the finished product inevitably changes in terms of flavor and texture alike. 

Looking for something realer than 50%? Be sure to buy sustainably made cheeses from producers local to your area, just like our friends upstate. Your body, planet, and taste buds will thank you for it.

Rather have a taste first?

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