Local Roots Holiday Gift Guide 2020

December 08, 2020

Holiday shopping, this year in particular, is oftentimes an overwhelming and exhausting endeavor, no matter how savvy a shopper you may be. Thankfully, this season, you can sit back and let your worries melt away because Local Roots has you covered with our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide that’s got something for everyone on your gift list:

For the master chef in your life: 

The Field Cast Iron Skillet

For the want-to-be-chef or master chef in your life, we suggest a culinary staple with a modern twist. The Field Cast Iron Skillet is your lightweight and durable buddy in braising, steaming, and melting. Hand poured in Vermont and made naturally non-stick, this 10 ¼ inch skillet is smooth and sleek for everyday cooking, boasting all the heat-retaining properties we look for in a cast iron skillet without the clunky weight that was once synonymous with these sought-after pans. 

For anyone still recovering from this anxiety-inducing year (ahem, everyone…): 

The CBD Bundle

We all need a little extra TLC with the help of some CBD this holiday season. The CBD bundle features our favorite products from Poconos Organics, poised to become the biggest regenerative organic farms in North America. They use nano-particle technology in their hemp extraction process, making it instantly bio-available at a 99% absorption rate unlike other products on the market (not to mention, a natural solution to an unusually stressful holiday season!). 

For the roommate who bakes a fine-ass loaf of sourdough:

The Jam Bundle

Perfect for bakers and anyone who enjoys a good sweet tasting schmear, this versatile gift pack includes the very last batch of Anarchy in a Jar’s jams. No longer being produced, all these natural jams and condiments are made of exceptional, local, high quality ingredients by Brooklyn jam maker Laena of Anarchy in a Jar. Their flavors are warming to the tongue and compliment both savory and sweet treats. They’d make a perfect host gift—you’ll surely be deemed the MVG (most valuable guest). Flavors include Blueberry Preserves, Grapefruit Smoked Salt Marmalade, and Hot Fireman Pearl Jam. 

For the friend who’s still trying a bake a decent loaf of sourdough:

The Sourdough Making Kit

Baking sourdough is difficult business; trust us, we’ve tried. Forget the complication next time you give this popular pastime a go, and opt for Local Roots’ Sourdough Making Kit to help you bake your own beautifully golden-brown sourdough bread from scratch.This bundle includes all the baking equipment you need to make your own thick-crusted, tangy (and highly shareable) loaf of sourdough (and yes, we mean all). This mixed-bag of goodies comes with a round natural fiber banneton, a fabric banneton cover, a bread lame, a bench scraper, a flexible dough scraper, and all-purpose flour—everything you need to improve your bread baking game once and for all.

For loved ones who need some extra antioxidants to get them through the winter season:

The Immunity Bundle

For the friends and family you want to nourish, we’ve got the remedies that have been around for centuries. This anti-inflammatory bundle will help fight against the common cold and keep your immune system in tip-top shape throughout the chilly winter. Plus, fresh ginger and turmeric support digestion and detoxify the body to keep you feeling good. This antioxidant-rich bundle features powerful superfoods like elderberry syrup, the Cardamom Ginger Elixir, ¼ lb. locally grown turmeric, and bee pollen. 

For the food nerd and wellness warrior who loves experimentation:

The Fermented Vegetable Kit

Lacto-fermenting vegetables (think classic dill pickles or sauerkraut) used to be all about food preservation and eating out-of-season produce, but it can mean so much more. This bundle gives new life and new flavor to your vegetables, coming stocked with a ½ gallon fermenting jar that can be reused again and again, a glass fermentation weight, a lit with an airlock (perfect for “burping” your fermentation creations), kosher salt, and 2-3 lbs. of our favorite seasonal veggies to get you started on your easy, fun, and amazingly healthy journey through fermentation. 

For the self-care-obsessed loved one on your list:

The Body Bundle, The Face Bundle, The Soap Bundle, and The Aromatherapy Bundle

The self-care geniuses at Palmero are hooking us up with all the essentials for nourishing your body from the inside out this season. Every ingredient is chosen with purpose to best benefit your skin and the environment. Did we mention it’s made and packaged in Brooklyn?! Your dreams are about to come true.

For the baker in your bunch:

The Baking Bundle

Elevate your holiday baking with everything you need to whip up family favorites while giving them a flavor upgrade. Enjoy earthy undertones of stone-ground flour, the creamy rich yolks of hens who forage on grass, and decadent grass-fed butter. You’ll taste the difference when you use these basic ingredients in any baked goods recipe, and you won’t ever want to go back. 

For the friend who really needs to chillax:

The Tranquilitea Bundle

This holiday season, give the gift of serenity with the Tranquilitea gift-pack that features some of the best healing, organic teas made by Brooklyn-based naturopathic doctor, Maria Geyman. Plus, their ingredients are sourced from traditional herbalists and ethical farmers and blended in New York. This bundle comes chock full of chai tea, genmaicha green tea, and skin tea, a great variety of addictive teas for your tea-loving friends, or anyone who could use a moment of relaxation. So turn on your kettle, grab your favorite book and get comfy because nothing says cozy like a cup of tea.

For the dessert lover in your life:

The Sweet Bundle

The holidays are a time to indulge, so we partnered with Brooklyn’s cult-favorite bakeries Four & Twenty Blackbirds and Bien Cuit to give you a bundle of treats that has something for everyone. These hand-pies and cookies make the perfect COVID-safe dessert buffet, giving you all the flavor with none of the unnecessary touching. Bring these baked goods home for the holidays and support some of the greatest Brooklyn bakeries all in one purchase! This bundle, perfect for the sweet-tooth on your gift list, includes 8 Bien Cuit chocolate chip cookies, 2 Salt Honey mini pies, as well as 2 lemon chess pies from Four & Twenty Blackbirds. 

For the cheese obsessed and adventurous cook in your life:

The Cheese Making Kit

Capture the simplicity and delicacy of fresh Italian-style cheese by making it the way it’s supposed to be done—at home in the kitchen. Gather together and make some of the richest, creamiest cheeses with Local Roots’ Cheese Making Kit which includes a cheese basket, cheese thermometer, cheese cloth, vegetable rennet, citric acid, cheese salts, and Battenkill Valley milk to help you yield the best possible homemade cheeses (mozzarella, burrata, ricotta, and mascarpone) for your next, best yet charcuterie board.

For the friend who’s always forgetting their reusable bag: 

The Sustainability Bundle

To help you be the sustainability warrior you strive to be, we've put together our very favorite accessories to keep single use plastic out of your daily routine. With each item's pop of color and Local Roots exclusive designs, you'll be sure to never miss plastic bags again. This gift-pack features sustainable products like the Local Roots mesh tote bag, our signature beeswax wrap, and a reusable Stasher bag for all your food storage needs.

For Local Roots aficionados and amateurs alike:

Local Roots Gift Card

You can buy the love of anyone with delicious food! Give the gift of Local Roots this year, whether it be through a prepaid gift card or some of our fan favorite products that aren’t quite edible—Local Roots merch! Our beanies, tees, and crew necks are the perfect gift for any Local Roots lover (and, they’re ridiculously comfy)! Plus, when you purchase one of our sweatshirts, 100% of profits will go directly to Communities United for Police Reform, a campaign to end discriminatory policing practices in New York.

Ready to order?

Browse our Holiday Collection to choose your gifts, and don’t forget: you don’t need to be a member to order! What’re you waiting for? Bask in the glory of great gift-giving and put your stress to rest! 

Orders must be placed before December 18th at 2PM EST and will be available for pickup at market sites the week of December 21st. Home deliveries will be distributed on December 22nd and 23nd based on location for a $15 fee.  

Article by Local Roots Volunteer Jess Santoro (@jess_santoro)

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