In the news: Interview on Slow Food USA

June 01, 2018

Local Roots’ growth has always been directed in a very grassroots and community-driven way. “When building my business, I thought about the impact I wanted to have on the community and about providing access to great food while supporting local farmers. These became the foundation for my decisions around growth instead of just trying to make money.”

Wen-Jay knew early on that to run Local Roots how she wanted, it would need to be self-funded. “I haven’t had to take on any investor capital for Local Roots ever. I wanted to do everything myself and I am grateful to be able to grow this business in the ways I choose.” This includes a different measure of success. “If you do get funded by investor money, then you need to be so much more focused on the bottom line. I’ve seen lots of companies leave New York City because of the financial pressures of investors.”

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