Farm News: Record-Breaking Warm Temperatures Impacting Houston’s Agriculture Industry

February 23, 2022

In Houston, farmers specializing in lettuce, leafy greens, and herbs tend to rely on controlled environment greenhouses to shield their crops from the often-intense Texas heatThese structures protect the greens and allow them to grow, even in the blistering Southern heat.

But now, temperatures in Houston are on the rise, leaving local farmers worried about just how much warming their facilities can handle. 90% of the leafy green industry is based in California and Arizona, meaning growers of these greens in Texas are already few and far between.

If temperatures continue to rise and impact local farms, prices of leafy greens in Texas are expected to increasea lotFarmers in Houston are now more concerned than ever about the future of their livelihoods, namely those who work on small, family-owned farms.

Shopping local is an essential step to building more sustainable local economies and a more community-driven food system, and it can serve to secure the financial wellbeing of the hardworking growers who nourish us and contribute immeasurable value to our communities.


Article by Local Roots contributor Jess Santoro // @jess_santoro

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