Decoding Egg Labels

November 09, 2022

Are you confused about all the words on egg cartons at the supermarket? Here's our handy guide for decoding egg labels.

Watch Wen-Jay's videos for more info: Part 1 + Part 2


Free range – this means the hen that laid the eggs has access to the outdoors but doesn't necessarily mean they spend time outside. It could just mean they look out a window so don't trust this term.

Pasture-raised – refers to hens that roam free on pasture, eating and foraging a natural diet. This is our favorite kind of egg as pasture-raised eggs have less cholesterol, 2x more Omega-3s and 3x more vitamin E.

USDA Organic – means the hens are given organic feed, but has nothing to do with their living conditions.

Cage-free – the hens aren't caged, but they still only have 1 sq foot of land to live in.

Grain-fed – this is not good because hens are omnivorous so they want to forage worms. Just a grain-fed diet is not sufficient.

No added hormones – it's actually illegal to give hormones to hens anyway, so putting this on the label is redundant and means nothing.


Try pasture-raised, organic eggs and you'll taste the difference. 

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