Are All Turkeys Frozen?

November 29, 2022

Did you know your fresh turkey was probably frozen? Watch Wen-Jay explain here.

Turkeys at the supermarket that are labeled "fresh never frozen" are actually sometimes previously frozen. This is because the USDA says meat that doesn’t hit 0 degrees can still be considered fresh. The problem is meat actually freezes at 26 degreed Fahrenheit. 

Try going to a supermarket and poking the turkeys – you’ll feel they are rock hard frozen.


Why are frozen turkeys bad?

The ice from freezing can poke holes in the cell membrane, which affects the quality, the flavor and the texture of the turkey. Frozen then thawed turkeys also need to cook longer than fresh turkeys which makes a big difference for your thanksgiving meal.

Go for farm fresh turkeys for your next Thanksgiving meal.

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