5 Tips for Making Your Own Sourdough Bread

May 27, 2020

Is your sourdough not living up to instagram perfection? Still can't figure out how to safely store your starter? We asked sour dough maven @savannahcturley to give us some tips for our quarantine sourdough. 

1. Choose your flour wisely. Bread flour is ideal, but we understand that there is currently a flour shortage. If you are unable to find bread flour, “live” flour that is not milled or bleached like the ones we carry at Local Roots is your next best option. While your standard all purpose flour will work, the result will not nearly be as good.

2. Find a good resting place. Temperature plays a huge role in the activity of your sourdough starter, so opt for a warmer spot in your home. You will see better rises and falls when the starter is in a higher-temperature environment. 

3. Store your sourdough on the counter or in the fridge. If you are going to use your dough within a day or two, leave it on the counter. Any longer than that, store it in the fridge, preferably at the dough’s peak rise. Take it out three or four days prior to baking so that the yeast has time to reactivate. Freezing is not a great way to store your sourdough. 

4. Feed daily and regularly. The morning, before the day gets completely ahead of you, is a great time to feed your sourdough starter because it is easier to remember. When feeding, throw away about 80%, and feed with equal parts flour and water. 

5. Practice, practice, practice. Starting anything new is always intimidating, but the only way to begin making your own sourdough is to just give it a go! Read recipes several times, learn the associated vocabulary, and just keep trying. Before you know it, you will be making your very own beautiful loaves of sourdough. 

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