3 Sustainable Products

November 17, 2022

Sometimes it can feel really challenging to live sustainably in New York City because we’re so far from nature. But, here are 3 products that will help you live more eco-friendly in the city. Watch Wen-Jay sample the products here.

1. A collapsible bowl by Stojo. This bowl is perfect for your lunch on the go or, bring it to a restaurant and use to take home leftovers!


2. A collapsible cup by Stojo. Use on the go, store it in your bag and enjoy unlimited refills. 



3. Local Roots Bee's Wrap. This is Wen-Jay’s favorite product and will soon become your favorite too. Instead of Saran Wrap, you can use this to wrap your tupperware, produce and more. Wash it and reuse over and over. This will definitely help you reduce your plastic use.

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